Neverland by Holland

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K-pop newcomer Holland released his first single Neverland earlier this year. The song and music video are all about queer love. Neverland is a mellow R&B track that relays the emotions of a man who wants to avoid discrimination and escape to a place of free love.

The song’s accompanying music video similarly places the singer’s sexuality in the spotlight, depicting a rare same-sex kiss in a video describing the ups-and-downs of a relationship. Neverland received a 19+ rating in South Korea because of the kiss.

Holland is the first openly gay k-pop idol to debut, though MRSHLL, another R&B artist, came out before releasing his first song last year, becoming the first Korean singer to begin his career while openly addressing his sexuality. Same-sex love is rarely addressed in k-pop and South Korea’s entertainment industry. Only a handful of celebrities, including the entertainer Hong Seokcheon and the transgender singer Harisu, are publicly out.

Though Holland has no large agency backing, and was a relatively unknown in the k-pop scene until he first started teasing his debut single, he has already caught the attention of many k-pop fans who have been eager to see more diversity and queer representation in the Korean idol industry.

Neverland racked up more than 700,000 views within 24 hours of its release, to this day the video has been watched over 10 million times.

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  1. He’s definitely pretty and, as you saw in the Troye Sivan audiences, teen girls just love gay boys.

  2. The beginning shot of the skateboarder on a street instantly reminded me of a cute soft-‘porn’ of an Eastern European (I think Czech, but not sure) skateboarder [cute enough] fully nude except for his shoes and helmet down a road on some hill and followed very closely by his 3 friends in a car — driving behind, to the side and in front of the nude skater. He skated for what looks like at least a mile or so (or a few kilometers, if you prefer). Pretty good video, too for maybe not “rehearsing” it.

  3. Maybe Tuure saw this video and wanted to make his own. Would be interesting if they could meld their styles and make a video together (with their beaus too). I am glad for the youth of today that in some places they can be somewhat open about themselves. Very beautiful and serious kisses. So nice to see same sex lovers outside of pornography.

  4. “Very beautiful and serious kisses. So nice to see same sex lovers outside of pornography.”

    The more places same-sex marriage is legal, hopefully we’ll start seeing more of same-sex ‘romancing’ as we do (and is forced on us, ad nauseum) with heterosexual romances. And hopefully, we’ll see more s-s romances at earlier ages (just like with straights) without religious entities and brainwashed teachers/parents interfering.

    I think (at least in a small, but noticeable way) movies like Call Me By Your Name will help with younger romances to be more public — hopefully, sooner than later.

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