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  1. He’s drop dead gorgeous, but his emotional-basket-case music leaves me searching for the mute button. Damn it Ronan, hook up with a couple of other hot guys and start rocking! You could be the next Brian Adams (Ka-Ching!).

  2. Nice song but his voice was so much in the background that I thought it was a promo for the piano playing…

    The filming was horrible though, the camera could not decide between focusing on the mike or on Ronan, even on the vase of flowers in the back at some times, it was constantly switching every second. And if that was on purpose, then it didn’t work at all for me.

    Ronan should keep on working, there’s a spot to take now that Troye is totally whoring himself to his label and teenage girls audience. There are so many ways to be yourself and a pop singer that do not involve doing exactly what the labels tell you to do. Find your own personal path, Ronan!

  3. He looks great. His voice might be good but lousy audio and video production. He is entitled to perform whatever he wants but surely he can cover (or write something original) something with the energy of his age group while still showcasing his voice, looks and charisma. I have a spare bedroom he can stay in if he wants to go incognito and take a sabbatical to explore paths.

  4. Still as camp as a row of tents … He may have the pretty boy looks but should give up the singing after that tripe performance and stick to flickering he eyelashes @ the boys.

  5. He has become very handsome, but in this, a very weak performance. I couldn’t eve understand the purpose of the song — “Never Enough” …. from what?

    He’s had very bad career advice this last 5 years.

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