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  1. Cute couple. You can’t separate a boy and his dog. They’re bonded at first sight and they have each other’s back for life. Dogs rule.

    FYI – recent discovery – when an owner cuddles with his dog, not only do both their heart rates relax, but their hearts start beating in synch with each other. They really are our best friends.

  2. Cata, Dogs, and Human lovers oft share a heart beat. NOT ALL ! NOT all do this. NO ! My cats ALL sleep with me and sleep on my body and purr … until they do not. I feel their heart under my left arm and I often awake with their mouth on my mouth. Hungry. Try sleeping with a horse or sheep. Boys fuck them and sleep with them but share no heart beat. ERRR — they try but fail. YES They Do ! Boys fuck and sleep withcamels, goats, and other holes with warm soft juicy bodies. Girls and Boys. Accident of nature. ha ha ha ha ha .

  3. One of the Great Minds of His Time. Prehistoric, I mean. This Guy destroys everything he sees. Just let the rest of us enjoy the moment. OK?

  4. — The Puritans are so pure that they can have slaves and fuck them. Boys cannot fuck the farm. thus at least 150 boys get hung for fucking farm animals before the actual USA.
    — Do actually walk in on a landlord while he fucks his dog. T

    1. The dog wimps but does not mind. It regularly simply runs around.
      — The boys are the shepherds and the last calf / kid / goat / sheep / thing back in is his responsibility. Naturally, there is oft one later than the rest. What country ? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
      —- There is a website for pet fucking do newly find out …
      —- OH ! Some gay guys use their lovers as pets. They also share them out. For a fee for drugs and a hole. Do witness two white boy cutes ending up as pets. Leashes as well. Both. Six Mile and Woodward Avenue, Detroit, 1980’s.

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