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    1. Agree …. this one doesn’t play for me either. Last one I couldn’t get any sound.

      Unless I go to the source and use a web source for d/l them, many won’t work ( I don’t have a membership for Vines).

        1. Yes, I did … numerous times … but that didn’t work.

          Again, if I use a web d/l source, I can hear them. It’s just bizarre.

    2. After installing Windows 10 (upgrade) I’m finally able to see the vines — the action as well as hear the sound.

      But, now, in Windows 10, the “default” is to have the video already playing instead of waiting for me to click on the play arrow. I did nothing to change the defaults.

      If it’s not one thing, it’s another ….. all because these corporations want to control our video watching. Thanks big brother microsoft.

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