Nathan Chen

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17-year-old Nathan Chen performed in a record-setting short program with a near-flawless free skate featuring five quadruple jumps Sunday to become the youngest men’s U.S. figure skating champion in more than five decades.

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  1. Very, very enjoyable to watch him ….. so amazingly athletic …. and without the “armor” of [American] football …. who would have thunk?

    From Utah, no less …. hmmm, wonder if he’s wearing magic underwear? (I’d love to find out!)

  2. Enough with the figure skaters. If we’re going to do sports, for a change, can we have some hot high school swimmers or wrestlers with big bulges…just a thought.

      1. Nice, but Nathan Chen, Yuzuru Hanyu and Shoma Uno outdoes him by at least a country mile (in my opinion). :-)

  3. Having watched many skaters over the years (Torval and Dean doing the Bolero live which brings me to tears even today) this performance was gasp worthy.

    And it bears mentioning that this performance put him second place on the world scoreboard.

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