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In nakedyouth director Shishido takes us on a journey through the uncertainty and excitement of young love. This gentle short film quivers with sexual tension, which is linked to the natural world: trees reflecting on the surface of a pond, butterflies fluttering in the breeze…

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  1. The only mildly interesting part of this was the homo-erotic graffiti on the men’s room wall that appeared for a few seconds around the 8:20 mark.

  2. Whatever the sexual tension was, whatever the message was supposed to be, I dunno. If we’re gonna watch Japanese flicks, gimme Godzilla or Rodan!

  3. I consider it one of the most beautiful movie I’ve ever seen. I truly lack words to describe what this makes me feel.

    But it makes me sad to see so many people can’t hear the language of silent poetry spoken here… As if music would sound like noise to them.

    I guess some people need a linear story and simple emotions, like in so many American movies or popular mangas. Perhaps that’s how they personally feel about the world? I hope not, and would feel really bad for them if that was the case. Even if they’re happy like that…

    Sorry if I offend anyone by this (I know I may sound arrogant here), but I just had to say it. Because this is such a beautiful movie, and I am just so grateful to its creator for having the opportunity to watch it.

    1. It makes me sad to see you couldn’t hear the language of silent poetry spoken in Godzilla and Rodan. As if their roars and cries would sound like noise to you.

      I guess you need a morass of minge and overwrought angst to touch your feelings about the world? I hope not, and I would really feel bad for you if that was the case. Even if you’re happy like that….

    2. It’s definitely a mood piece, so it won’t hit home for everyone. I thought it was sweet and subtle, full of feeling and a kind of almost sacred respect — and your comment wasn’t the slightest bit arrogant, Thomas.

  4. So, Tim and Horselips. . . You’re saying Thomas is not as cool as you two because he found something meaningful in the film. Your “I’m a rude asshole for no discernable reason” tv shirts are in the mail. Enjoy

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