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In nakedyouth director Shishido takes us on a journey through the uncertainty and excitement of young love. This gentle short film quivers with sexual tension, which is linked to the natural world…


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  1. I consider it one of the most beautiful movie I’ve ever seen. I truly lack words to describe what this makes me feel.

    But it makes me sad to see so many people can’t hear the language of silent poetry spoken here… As if music would sound like noise to them.

    I guess some people need a linear story and simple emotions, like in so many American movies or popular mangas. Perhaps that’s how they personally feel about the world? I hope not, and would feel really bad for them if that was the case. Even if they’re happy like that…

    Sorry if I offend anyone by this (I know I may sound arrogant here), but I just had to say it. Because this is such a beautiful movie, and I am just so grateful to its creator for having the opportunity to watch it.

    1. It makes me sad to see you couldn’t hear the language of silent poetry spoken in Godzilla and Rodan. As if their roars and cries would sound like noise to you.

      I guess you need a morass of minge and overwrought angst to touch your feelings about the world? I hope not, and I would really feel bad for you if that was the case. Even if you’re happy like that….

    2. It’s definitely a mood piece, so it won’t hit home for everyone. I thought it was sweet and subtle, full of feeling and a kind of almost sacred respect — and your comment wasn’t the slightest bit arrogant, Thomas.

    3. When you use the word “if” after the word “sorry” you are shifting blame to the person you are allegedly apologizing to; it’s not an apology at all.

  2. I must agree with Thomas. This is an absolutely magnificent work. Perfect in every detail… rare and precious.

  3. This is simply beautiful! And, at the end, there is hope…….

    It makes me melancholic for I am 41 years old and lonely. I am gay and cannot be a human being as my nature commands.

    My nature has been stolen from me and systematicaly denied from early childhood.

    Our societies on this world denies people the simple pleasure of growing up in surroundings that support and encorage children and youth to find themselves intimately, among themselves and together with (more experienced?) adults of this world.

    Sexuality has been instrumentalised for ages in order to keep people locked in an unneccessary shame and guilt complex to assure religious compliance and to make people more easily manipulated by the wealthy and powerful.

    All this only to assure, that the rich stay on top, always.

    Any law or rule that aims at “protecting” children/youth from exploitation by “predators”, while basically well intended, is really only a tool to assure that the liberating power of selflove and loving friendship among males of all ages remains suppressed.

    All this only to assure, that homophobia and mysoginy rain supreeme in a world, that thrives on misery and pain.

    “Oh lord, what fools these mortals be”

    1. @Blacktiger Best wishes to you for your journey through life
      Indeed, I find there is much evil in the world but it is to me to make what I can with the good. Much of my life is what I make of what there is. I can’t do about things I can’t do about so I don’t particularly connect with those things I can’t do about. I try to embrace that which I can do about and be a part of. My words are clipped by intent
      And the past is past, only the future goes forward so I must make what I wish was different. I must be brave and be who I am and who I want to be

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