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      1. Oh Penboy,
        I’m sure that if some day we meet each others, you’ll realize that a muslim is not a horrible creature. The ones who kill people are not real muslims as they claim. I’m not saying that because he’s not a muslim. Keep your swords for someone else. We’re like each others and I feel peace with you in my heart.

        1. @jaackov”
          “The ones who kill people are not real muslims as they claim.”

          Oh, yes they are. In fact, they “more muslim” than you or any other “moderates” are. They take the koran quite literally (for other people, but as chickenshits, they don’t apply their absolute korans to themselves. Imagine that.) — which you “moderates” do not.

          A perfect example of that: You use the the German flag instead of your own Iranian flag.

    1. Lol he is a young male with a lean, muscular body. If you don’t find this body type attractive, you are are on the wrong website! Maybe you would prefer Granny porn? Or a lemon party?

      1. Oh no, I feel the attractiveness of a young male body and I’m not on a wrong website. Indeed a young male body may be beautiful or ugly and this one is not beautiful by my mind. Heteros also have the same idea. They don’t feel that all girls are attractive. Some girls are ugly by their mind.

    2. Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, but in the media and even our own human nature. The globalization of advertising and the movie industry, along with long-standing racial prejudices, seem to influence our aesthetic perceptions. Despite our will to be politically correct and praise diversity, blonde and blue-eyed will likely sell more–and also pay more. Cosmetic surgeries are (understandably) a wide-spread phenomena in many Asian and Latin-American populations, whose national, highly stratified, economies struggle to compete with European and North American powers. It is fascinating that the gay community is far from being exempt of these general trends. All hail the Aryan race…albeit unconsciously or rather shamefully.

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