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Troye Sivan has returned with his new single and video for “My My My!,” the first offering from his upcoming album, due out in the spring. Take a look and listen, below.

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  1. MyMyMy but if Troy posted it Jan 10th and it already has 3.6 million views!!! I wish him well with his success and hope he doesn’t get swept away by the negatives of the preforming life. Had no idea he had been so prolific but that isn’t surprising I”m out of touch with the genera. Geez, his “Youth” has 86 mil. views.

    1. AFAIAC, all the “negatives” are on his current life.
      Maybe I expect too much from the word “author,” the guy sings prefabricated songs for his MTV-conditioned audience. I hope this uncontrolled “emancipation” is just a phase. There are so many better forms of singing that I am starting to doubt if he’ll ever use the artistic talents he demonstrated earlier in his life. Here are my comments for his latest single:

      “This pop shit makes me pop sick.
      What has become of you, Troye?
      The lyrics are crap, your beautiful voice is invisible behind the audio special effects, you look like a female pop slut in the video, the video itself is just garbage, although it fits the song.
      There are so many ways to express your personal talents, you seem to have chosen the worst of what pop studio directors turned you into.”

      Yeah, I know, it’s easy to criticize, and promising Troye is apparently a success with young girls and gays (he is so popular now that his albums and singles are pirated as soon as they are released,) but it really doesn’t work for me.

      1. I tend to agree with about 75% of what you wrote, especially this: “your … voice is invisible behind the audio special effects” although I hesitate to use the description “beautiful” if it can’t be discerned from the auto[whateverthecrapit’scalled]. He’s going to disappoint hundreds if not thousands if he tries to sing this song on a live stage.

  2. 💕I’ve always had a fond spot for Troye after first seeing him singing at his family’s piano on YouTube, then his dramatic “Wolverine” opening followed by “Spud”.
    He’s out, he’s an adult, and he’s still popular… Not $250 million dollars in ten years popular like JB but still he has his own audience. Good for him, I wish him the best!

  3. Overly auto-tuned aural pus, wouldn’t know whether it’s Troye, beever or little mix!

    I never reckoned his singing anyway, prancing about in front of barely adolescent girlies is no way for a grown man to earn a living. Hence, I assume, the sex dungeon theme to this vid.

    Like Louis, I will always have a sentimental regard for him and wish him well .

    1. “prancing about in front of barely adolescent girlies is no way for a grown man to earn a living.”

      Considering how much the corporate and religious world has been, and is continuing to force their particular heterosexuality onto hundreds of millions of gay boys (and girls), I find it rather “juicy” that some [known] gay guy(s) can make some of that money (and fame) from those indoctrinated “tweenies” (and their parents).

  4. Whoa, all the negativity here. With friends and allies like this who needs enemies.

    It is a good (not great), very professionally produced pop song, which Troye has co-written, as he co-wrote the songs on the great debut album a few years back.

    He actually can sing. If you’re worried about the live performances, auto tune for getting the wanted sound can be applied live too, just ask Britney.

    “prancing about in front of barely adolescent girlies is no way for a grown man to earn a living.”

    Oh my god… The Trumpian amount of condescending prejudice you could cram into those 19 words, just sublime.

  5. Troye has quite a following, has talent, has a gorgeous boyfriend, and proudly sings about bottoming and loving it. To me, all that is very positive and a pleasant surprise.

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