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  1. His hair looks pretty good, but for me it’s all about the outfit: that skirt-like belt almost makes it a runway look. I want it!

  2. 😜At least it’s not that stupid shaved up the sides💩look that they’re all wearing now!

    1. 😁Close enough…
      Sivan was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, the son of Laurelle and Shaun Mellet. His family moved to Australia when he was two years old due to rising crime in South Africa. Sivan lives in Perth, Western Australia with his parents and three siblings Steele, Tyde and Sage.
      😘Oh yeah, we kinda like him here!

  3. He also left his tumblr and youtube followers out to dry, abandoning both platforms without a goodbye.

  4. This performance is better than the last one you highlighted.

    Oh, my, my, my! Swing those hips, baby!

  5. Now he looks like the type of bottom twink you’d pick up in the bar and spend the night violating every orifice. I do like the shirtless under sport coat look, the hair is better.

    Wonder if he’s still with the model that was his boyfriend?

  6. IDK, I think he should kept his hair color the same. For anyone who knew him before and can look him up in the internet will know how fake it looks. I don’t think it looks good on him. He is cute AF however. And I would violate every orifice I could if he would let me. Even with the blond hair.

  7. Troye did a thing with his hair , like last July.

    More cutting edge reportage from Josh, well done you !

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