My Heroes

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A heartwarming short Halloween film challenging gender identity and stereotypes has gone viral.

The film, titled My Heroes, features a family preparing for Halloween. The children can be seen carving pumpkins with their father before the mother reveals the two costumes the children had requested; Batman and Wonder Woman.

The parents accompany their kids as they go trick or treating, watching from afar as they knock on doors while their father looks worried. When the night is over, the parents put the children to bed and we finally see… well, you’ll see ;)

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  1. Most excellent! Let the kids express themselves as they feel. Gender stereotypes should not be pushed onto children.

  2. How sweet. Fairly obvious what the ending would show, but… excuse me – I seem to have something in my eye…

  3. Reminds me when I was 11, (6 weeks short of 12). I went out at Halloween dressed as a Fairy Princess. I meet two 14 years old’s out dressed as Batman and I think Spiderman (or maybe Superman?). I thought “Oh God, there goes my treats”. They ended up giving me some of their sweets. Why? Well, let’s say, that’s the night I was deflowered. 18 years come Tuesday. That hurt like fuck. I should have reported the little cunts. (Well maybe not so little, if you know what I mean?)

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