Muslim Drag Queens: Bhangra, Bollywood & Bravery in Britain

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The Guardian has teamed up with writer Kieran Yates and director Marcus Plowright to produce a short documentary on the small but tight-knit community of London’s Muslim drag queens.

At 12-minutes long, the film takes us behind-the-scenes as Ali, a gay Pakistani asylum-seeker, prepares to perform for the first time. “Ali fled Pakistan, where he was persecuted for being gay, but now faces abuse from his neighbours in London,” reads the blurb. “Mentored by Asifa Lahore, the UK’s first Muslim drag queen, Ali is determined to overcome his fears and express himself in a dance performance at the UK’s biggest ‘gaysian’ club night.”

You can watch the video below and read more about it here.

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  1. Well this should serve as an inspirational story to all the Bacha Bazi boys in Afghanistan and other muslim countries.

    You go gurl(s)!

    1. Although Bacha Bazi occurs in afghanistan, it’s not allowed by islam. The problem is that most of muslims just claim that they’re muslims. Indeed they don’t do what islam says that they should.

      1. @jaackov:
        “The problem is that most of muslims just claim that they’re muslims. Indeed they don’t do what islam says that they should.”

        This is your best comment so far and I agree. It also describes most “christians” and “jews” in the same way.

  2. “Ali fled Pakistan, where he was persecuted for being gay, but now faces abuse from his neighbours in London,”

    I wish these South Asian drag queens the best in their lives, but, really, shouldn’t the first thing they should “dump” from their lives is that stupid islam religion since, oh, I don’t know, that’s the source of all their problems — that’s why they left Pakistan. Why remain a “muslim” identity as when they should “indentify” themselves as just Pakistanis who left that repression.

  3. Yes, don’t live in a Pakistani or Muslim neighborhood if you want to be a drag queen in London. Just blend in with mainstream modern British society and nobody will be bothered. You could always be a closet Muslim praying on your own private prayer mat and not tell anyone except Allah, who in her magnanimity would mind at all.

  4. I’m really sorry that my English is not good enough to post my comment in this language. I think that as a moslem, It’s required to give some clearance and info about this religion. I would appreciate if someone may translate my text.
    Being gay is something and acting as a gay is something else. No one may change himself. But anyone may control what he does and how he acts. Being a moslem and acting like a gay oppose.
    اسلام صرفنظر از اینکه ما چه طور احساسی داریم و گرایشات جنسی ما چگونه است ما رو از اعمال همجنسگرایانه منع میکنه. در طول سالها، بعنوان کسی با گرایشاتی غیر قابل قبول برای اسلام، من در این باره خیلی فکر کرده‌ام. از طرف خدا به تمام کسانی که در طول تاریخ چنین گرایشاتی داشته‌اند گفته شده که جنس مخالف و ازدواج با او و کامروایی با او برای شما بهتر است اگر بدانید. رفتارهای همجنسگرایانه همیشه مضر به حال افراد معرفی شده. کسانی که به مهمانان لوط طمع کردند از طرف لوط مخاطب قرار گرفتند که بیایید با دختران من ازدواج کنید و از آنها کام بجویید که آنها برای شما پاکیزه‌ترند. هر وقت به این آیه میرسم برام سؤال میشه که چطور یه جنس مخالف میتونه دردی رو از یه همجنسگرا دوا کنه؟ همونطور که قوم لوط او رو خطاب کردند که تو میدانی که ما از دختران تو سهمی نداریم.
    بخشی از شخصیتی که ما الان داریم زاییدهٔ رفتارهای ما در گذشته است. شاید در بخشی از زندگی خود چنین گرایشی را نداشته‌ایم. تصمیم گرفته‌ایم که همجنس را بپسندیم و این گرایش را انتخاب کرده‌ایم. اگر چنین نبود داشتن چنین گرایشی مقبول میبود که وقتی رفتاری که بر اساس گرایشی باشد قابل قبول نیست طبیعتاً احتمالاً آن گرایش هم قابل قبول نیست. پس از آن با کمک انحرافات موجود در جامعه که به آن دامن زده میشود و خوش آمد خودمان شاید این گرایش را تقویت کرده‌ایم. نفس را رها کرده‌ایم تا هرطور که میخواد بهره ببرد…
    حرف زیاده. کسی خواست بگه با هم تبادل افکار کنیم

    1. @jaackov:
      “I think that as a moslem, It’s required to give some clearance and info about this religion.”

      Explain yourself that offers us REASON and LOGIC.


      “Being gay is something and acting as a gay is something else.”

      Interpreted: Being “straight” is something and acting as a “straight” is something else.

      You want to try that one again?

      1. I’ve not been a straight. I’m not sure that I’ve never been a straight and have never been eager to girls, but as far as I remember, a boy for me has been a completely different creature. His beauty has not been comparable for me with a girl, since I’ve been a boy myself about 12 or so. When I got older, I found that a boy’s heart and benignity values for me. As a gay, you know what I’m saying. Being in love with a boy, even if there is no sex is worthy. While marrying with a girl and having sex and love with her is not satisfactory. Our matter completely differs.
        Yes, I married. I tried my best to change my being, what I really am. But I had no chance. Nothing changed. I really didn’t want to begin such a kind of life. But as anyone else I needed to have one for myself, to trade love, to have sex. I may say that it’s just better than nothing. How could I have sex while there’s no legitimate way for this other than marriage? Even masturbation is a taboo. Skin is skin and body of someone else is a soft and smooth body anyway. But my soul needs a boy.
        Anyway, I just want to say that I agree with you. I’ve not been a straight. But I acted as an straight man.

    2. @jaackov:
      I put this through a translater:

      “We broke the prohibition of homosexual acts. Over the years, as anyone with unacceptable attitudes to Islam, I’ve thought about this a lot. Homosexual behavior is always harmful to the individuals presented. Those who covet Lot’s guests were addressed by Lot let my daughter marry them to your palate Pakyz·htrnd they seek. When this verse was asking me how I’m suffering from a gay sex can be cured they make it? Like Lot’s people told him that you know that we do not share your girls.
      Part of the personality that we have now are born of our actions in the past. Maybe a part of your life to have had such a tendency. Have decided that gays have chosen to Bpsndym and this tendency. Then with the help of the community to which he contributed deviations are welcome and we may have reinforced this trend. We wanted to give breath to the benefit Hrtvr …”

      That makes no sense to me — you appear to be totally brainwashed in that STUPID religion.

      1. I think automatic translators don’t give a realizable output. If you want my text in English, I’ve to spend some time for it. Tell me if you want.
        But I think that when a religion’s teachings is going to be taken into account, deciding about what parts of these teachings are right and what parts are not needs some other ways to be judged than just our feelings and thoughts. Consider a man and woman who may fall in love with each others and decide to live together. In their minds and judgments, there must be no limit and there should be no problem that may be in tough together as much as they want. But when another one who has some ‘rights’ between them appears their feelings may change into a guilt even if they’re satisfied with it. For example, when you see that the woman is already married, this kind of intercommunications changes into treason.
        Now consider that this ‘another one’ is God. He has ‘right’ to prohibit us from homosexuality even if we’re satisfied with it.

    3. @jaackov:
      I strongly recommend that you read this book (and as soon as possible):

      Why I Am NOT a Muslim …… by Ibn Warraq

      1. hi Penboy,
        i just found your texts. going to realize it, word by word, and will back to reply as soon as i prepared the answer. just know that islam may be a completely different religion that has been introduced to you by medias.

        1. @jaackov:

          Those links just shows how brainwashed you are about that stupid religion — to the point of you being totally ignorant and showing no curiosity and desire to find out the real truth about all religions, including “yours”.

          You can keep posting links that “back up” your desire to be “correct,” but none of them will pull away that curtain to reveal the idiot “oz” (in your case, “muhammed”).

        2. @jaackov:

          This link shows just how islam brainwashes you:

          The objectives of the Homepage are simply to counteract the many lies and defamations that Islamophobes have polluted the Net … May Allah forgive our mistakes and make us successful in our good intentions.

          The very fact that he’s using his religion “May Allah forgive” to present his “efforts” is proof enough that he isn’t and can’t be NEUTRAL in anything he presents.

          To LEARN about religion, NEVER use a religious site as “your source” — that’s just pure stupidity.

  5. ISIS threw two blindfolded gay young men off a tower block to their deaths the other day in front of a jeering crowd. Religion of peace, my fucking arse. Religion of hypocrites would be nearer the mark.

  6. Do not think sex is of any religious scald. Why boys like sex is more than obvious. Why there is a hate of boys liking sex with boys is not obvious, but such hate is there exist. Build steel bridges and make rail roads and engineer exploratory microwave computers. Why is sex so full of hate.

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