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  1. Not really solos and very much influenced by all these artistic talent TV shows, but still a great musician, he composes or arranges himself the music he plays, that’s more than what most musicians do.

    System of a Down seems to resonate particularly well with teenagers, Sebastian Philip van Wyk also covered Aerials, with a powerful voice to boot:
    Unfortunately, he disappeared from the Internet a few years ago.

  2. Thank you for posting him again. I’ve been following [sort of] him since your first post. I thoroughly enjoy watching and listening to him perform — but I enjoy watching him even more — he is so damn cute [and with his natural talent — that should be a very winning combination for him in the future.] I wish him all the best.

    What I’ve done is download just about every video I can find of his performance and/or his ‘interviews’. A few I have to convert to .mp4 from that ADP craap. Then I use VLC to convert the .mp4 videos to .mp3 — I now have enough of his performances to essentially make 2 albums worth for my iPod, Zen Touch and Sleek Photo so I can have his music anywhere and anytime I want.

    I just can’t get enough of him! And, as a nice ‘bonus,’ some of the videos show him when he was around 14 — and he’s even more cute! [But, then when you see his parents, it’s quite easy to see how he gets his incredibly good looks — including those sexy ears].

  3. As a side note, he is Polish. I remember when I was in either 4th or 5th grade, and I learned one of my classmates is Polish. I didn’t think much of it immediately, but a bit later [days, probably], I happened to ‘step up’ next to him at the school urinals and knowing back then that boys were and would be infinitely more interesting to me than girls, I did what every boy does at urinals — I gave several side-glances to his penis and saw that he was uncut and quite hung (compared to the others in my class during gym locker room and showers) and I remember taking notice that his penis was incredibly smooth — MUCH smoother than other (not the veiny type) and since he opened up his pants ‘completely’ [not just pulling it out through his fly] I also noticed that his well-endowed penis quite literally ‘hung’ over and curved downward in the middle of his testes/tight scrotum and his foreskin didn’t close up at the tip, but left the tip of his glans protruding just a bit. Quite lovely, indeed — even though I still hadn’t learned the “significance” of circumcized vs. uncircumsized penises — and I wasn’t turned off at all by his foreskin, in fact, it just made it [actually, me] even more curious about them.

    Now, quite naïvely, after seeing him, I then just ‘assumed’ that most, if not all polish boys were well-endowed (some are, I do know this) — just as I naïvely ‘assumed’ that most very tall boys were just as well-endowed [because I remember the tallest boy in my class WAS well-endowed back then]. Obviously, I didn’t know anything about sex when in the 4th or 5th grades — like most boys, I picked up my “learning” [sic] from the “street.”

  4. One wonders what sensations might be stimulated by a boy capable of such intense digital manipulations…

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