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  1. Since I’m practically the only one speaking in here out totally against “god” [since there is NONE], I find, even to artistically deify one as a “god,” is extremely distasteful — particularly depicting as one of any of the 6-8 major “religions” [which are, more accurately, Socio-Political Ideologies] — obviously for a brainwashed chrissssstian [halo and sheep{le}].

    That being said, the artistry of this image is nothing other than beautiful done by an extremely talented artist. If not for the religious/”spiritual” context, it would make a beautiful art piece for someone’s home wall for display.

  2. I see “Mary” is holding the “Lamb of God”. I wonder if a priest would go down on his knees for this? ” Even though I’m not Catholic(or anything for that.) I used to help out at the local Catholic Church when I was 14 to 16. The young priest used to hump me at least 3 times a week. He would even dress me in choir boy robes. Happy days.

    Look up Ciaran Heggarty aged 13 from Voice Kids UK 2018. He’s from Glasgow and a wee cute diva.

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