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  1. Very interesting. My first thought was _Alice In Wonderland_ because of the rabbits.

    And my second thought? Our very own Whiterabbit.

    1. Hi Penboy. I’m on my teabreak 2.45pm and I came across this pic and your response. Very Whiterabbit indeed. I seen a surreal video with folk on pink seesaws playing either side of the US Mexico border wall. I’m assuming it’s not Texas for obvious reasons. If that Trumps Wall, all I can say is haha. It couldn’t keep out a mouse. Why doesn’t he go full Russian like the folks who stole the election for him and build a Berlin Wall. Then all the world’s Politicians can go to Mexico and Say what Reagan did in 1988, “Mr President, tear down this wall”. He needs to get re elected first, and if he did, it shows his voters to be the bigots we all thought they.wrre all along. The only thing preventing a bullet in his head is the Vice President Pence. Now there’s one scary son of a bitch.

  2. This picture looks as if this is a guy whose dickie is cut off as well as his balls and looks as if there is more amore expecting or a more than that wee see. The rabbits are of a show of a, uh, different meaning.

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