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  1. Somehow, I seriously DOUBT that’s a “paint job” — looks more like a digital modification through one of the paint/draw programs that offer effects such as that or even just using a “paint brush” in those apps. It looks to have clearly started as a photograph.

    1. It looks pretty much pure paint to me. I can’t say if it was based on a photo, but it doesn’t look shopped in any sense.

      1. “but it doesn’t look shopped in any sense.”

        Then you haven’t seen either a well-‘shopped’ image, or even played around with the paint (in this case, oil) “texturizations” available to these modern digital image apps.

  2. The brows, eyes and nose are most definitely based on/from a [digital] photograph. If an ‘artist’ is using a particular method, it would show that method for [essentially] the entire image of his ‘idea’ — that’s the purpose for using any particular medium/method for artwork. Mixtures? Sure, it’s possible [as in this one].

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