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Recently there were some somewhat controversial discussions about the question if porn belongs onto milkboys and how, if at all, it should be presented.

Personally I’d love to normalise porn. Almost everyone is looking at it on a regular basis, yet we act like it’s something shameful that needs to be hidden. I realise though that some people use this site in an environment that might not appreciate such an approach (schools, unis, work etc.).

So instead of making a this or that choice, why not do both? I’d like to start a second blog that focuses on the “naughty” side of things. milkboys will still feature bare skin from time to time, especially in an artistic or non-sexual context (e.g. Skyclad Saturday) but the more explicit stuff will go onto the new site.

That way people who don’t appreciate being greeted by a hard dick can avoid just that while the folks who don’t mind seeing naked twinks doing twinkstuff get even more such content on the new site.

I’ll start setting up the new site within the next few days. I’ll use this opportunity to move some stuff for this blog around so there might be some downtimes, just so you know why you might be seeing the infamous Account Suspended page during the coming days ;)

As always, thanks for your support & stay fabulous! <3

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  1. 😏For me personally it wasn’t so much the porn that I objected to but the fact that fetillio boy was sooo in our faces when first opening the page. I’ve always thought of milkboys as the Playboy of blogs vs the more in your face cruder Hustler.
    ~Been visiting here almost 8 years now and I’ve always been a fan. Keep up the good work Josh and well wishes on the new more in your face site.

    1. 😝My bad…
      Fellatio not ‘fetillio’; I have no idea where that came from?!
      😏Possibly my spell correct is a prude too.

  2. I think it would be easier to set up a customizable setting or cookie so users can enable or disable the more explicit posts or the Sexy Times Sundays. That would also be “doing both.”

    2 separate web sites would be way too time-consuming to manage, maybe cost more directly too, even if it’s a very simple picture blog, and many users certainly won’t bother browsing 2 different milkboys sites either: That’s an inconvenience, a bit time-consuming too, and it kind of dilutes milkboys’ iden-titty.

    My 52 cents.
    Talking about rapper names, although Lil Xan’s music sucks deep(!), don’t you want to bite that?
    A lil tan would do him some good though…

  3. There are already plenty of sites for the Puritans! Where is Charley Shively when we need him most! Or Harry Hay!

  4. it’s your blog, you do what you want. I think what brings subscribers is the occasional porn.

  5. My own feeling is that a simple nsfw link with a sanitized version for the main page would suffice!

  6. I like the sexy stuff and not so much the sexual politics.

    Keep the sexy stuff on the same site and just try to allow people to select what they see.

  7. What is porn? A supreme court judge said” I can’t define it but I know it when I see it”. To me photos of sex acts between man and woman is porn. A picture of two guys showing affection is not. Shot of a twink doing almost anything is art. I would like to see more art on this site.

  8. Look… it’s as simple as this: if God wanted you to wear clothes you would have been born with them already on! Full Stop! Period! End of story!

  9. With the caveat that you should do what you think is best . . . here’s my take on the subject:

    What I’ve always loved about Milkboys and what keeps me coming back is the eclectic mix of sweet, crude, political and completely randomly unexpected. Not only would I not check two blogs, I might not visit either of them if the mix were gone.

    An NSFW warning that clicks to the more explicit photo, if that is needed, seems like a better solution.

    And . . . given the time and expense put into this, I would put ALL your efforts into one, not two.

  10. But why would I need a separate porn blog? I can just open tumblr for that.

    And why would I need milkboys without occasional porn? There’s a ton of LGBTQ+ blog sites covering your topics and/or resources for cute or artistic pictures of boys.

    It’s your special content mix which makes me come back to milkboys several times a week. That would be gone if you start splitting your blog.

  11. Josh,
    Its your site, you do what you think is best. The site as is got you this far. You must be doing something right. Just don’t make more work for yourself than necessary.

  12. Agreed with many, not another blog but a sub section of this one where people who want more can click over there.
    Sort of one-stop shopping for me :)

  13. One site for one guy is enough. Maybe add a cute sweet full body picture each time, every time, as an intro to all the news? No XXX requiring.
    — HERE is one EXAMPLE — google or otherwise search for speedo guys and see what you find !! Or, search for skateboard guys. Do search one day for ten year old swimmers and STILL get XXX adults ha ha ha .

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