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Each house locked away the secret of a family. For one hour a day Sergio, helped by his grandmother, carry out his desires in a home dominated by his grandfather. A twist will force Elena, his mother, to make a decision that will change their lives.

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  1. ~Though I’ve seen this film before it’s well worth a showing on milkboys.
    I’d love to believe that this fictional film is totally off the wall and could never happen in real life yet know things like this happen daily and the results can be tragic.

  2. what type of bad vid player is this? Film is great, but cannot enlarge or control anything. Is a mozilla issue or ?

    1. divertido: “what type of bad vid player is this? ”

      I agree. I had to just stop it because I couldn’t control anything, not even the sound. And I wasn’t convinced it was worth it to download and take up that much space on my drive.

      Why josh doesn’t have his own web-based video player on this site is bizarre.

  3. i couldn’t properly understand what the film wants to say. why trans are not acceptable?

    1. “why trans are not acceptable?”

      You’re seriously asking that when you won’t even accept yourself? Just more proof how that idiotic “religion*” seriously stunts intelligence in your [original] country. Make no mistake, we’re having problems in that area as well, but your country is at the bottom of the heap.

      * Socio-Political Ideology

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