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Jaden Smith continues to bend gender norms with his latest shoot for Vogue Korea. The 17-year-old shared an outtake image from his shoot titled “Royal Salute” on his Instagram profile where he rocked a black miniskirt over a pair of skinny leg jeans, wore bright purple nail polish and a flower behind his ear.

The most beautiful part about all this? It doesn’t at all look out of place.


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  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing Jaden Smith’s moons for Moonday. :-)

    I wonder how Daddy Will likes Jaden’s new image? Or is he still trying to kiss him in front of a camera?

  2. A question out of curiosity …..

    When you post pics of Jaden on your [gay-friendly] blog (like the shirtless one above), do you get any backlash from either members of his family or those who work with them [& his father] in the movies (Producers, Directors, etc)?

      1. Is this for real? The press and Internet would have been all over this if it’s true. Something’s fishy. I hadn’t heard anything about him being anywhere remotely “transgendered” …. only his cross dressing.

      2. I was curious, so I looked this up:

        ” Jaden Smith, however, is not planning on removing his penis. The NAHA Daily, which stands for “Negroes Against Hairline Abuse,” is a satirical publication. The “About” section of the website states all the articles found on the NAHA Daily are completely fictional: ”

        From Snopes:

        1. @pb
          ~Yeah i knew that, I researched it first.
          I just wanted to see how many bites I could get on it. The kid really doesn’t need to whack off his wang to get bad press, his mouth and actions do that fine for him. Guess it doesn’t hurt either that Will’s always kissing him on the lips every chance he gets!

  3. He is definitely good looking. But this picture and his body language says “Stay Away, NOT friendly”

    1. “He is definitely good looking. But this picture and his body language says ‘Stay Away, NOT friendly’ ”

      Yes, I agree …. and I’ll add, “No matter what compliment you try to offer me.”

      “Thanks, Dad.”

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