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  1. OK, seriously, did you need a fire-extinguisher nearby when you posted this pic?

    He is HOT! And, quite a tease as well. Asians wear “501s” very well, in my opinion. And I love his undies brand, “Hysteric Glamour” — yes, indeed! — I’d find myself hysterical over his glamour. :-)

    And he looks tall, too …. at least 5’10” (177.8cm) to maybe 6′ (182.88), I’d guess.

    I dated a 6’2″ Chinese for awhile years ago. It was an experience to look up to him when talking and to constantly “adjust” my position in bed with him for intimate goings-on (like 69). And, I was glad he didn’t have a penis size that “matched” his height. We worked things out quite well. :-)

    1. Kazuya is pretty short. I met him back stage in shin-yokohama for one of their summer concerts eons ago. Definitely shorter than 5’9. Him, Jin and Junnosuke were my big favorites. I have so many collectible photos from the Johnny’s shop from when I was big into KATTUN and the other Johnny’s groups.

      Here is Kazuya doing 1582:

      1. “Definitely shorter than 5’9.”

        OK. The photo definitely makes him appear to be noticeably taller. Maybe it’s because he’s slim?

        1. He is maybe 5’7 or so and absolutely gorgeous. He did a lot of tv shows as well. I always thought him and Jin made a good pairing, but then Jin ran off, did a solo career run in the U.S. and got married.

    1. I’d be happy to offer him a few Western promises as well, starting with:

      I’d make him as satisfied as is humanly possible.

    1. “He certainly has a dramatic way of biting boys on the [neck].”

      No more or less than any other Dracula on Halloween. :)

      Btw, which came first, the song or this video; i.e., was the song produced first or was the song made for this video (choreography)?

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