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  1. Everything seems to be in the correct proportions ……. of course, when excited, that may change.

  2. >>> …. of course, when excited, that may change.

    In which case, his proportions would be even more correct! :)

  3. Well said, Wild4Vanilla. Now watch Penboy again make one of his nasty comment, as always. lol. The “Ancient One” raises to the occasion once more with his usual BS

  4. It’s a wonder Rocketdad is not on here saying, “Poor boy”. If that’s not a size queen, I don’t know what is? I think what Penboy is saying is that some people are show-ers and some people are growers. Personally speaking I imagine he might be both? I’ve met quite a few lads in my time that are large flacid and only grow 20% when hard. You can even see the red or pale skin underneath where the sun doesn’t get. I’ve also met plenty of lads that treble or more there length and double their thickness when enraged and engorged with teenage nlood. Mmmm. I’m salavating at the thought.

  5. The is of a pay to pose as a thief. The dead we see not. We picture we are to see only the obvious. This naked fake man is not the killer. He might be cute enough to be the killer. He is too much a fake. Fuck it … and then move on.

      1. Without the spelling mistakes this time,,,,,, What the fuck are you talking about? (Copycat). Have you been at the whacky baccy again?

  6. yes. Other than big dick cute sweet blond boys do love murders, mysteries, histories, militaries, and, more, on. The theory of relativity has no evidence. The universal theory of entropy has no evidence, The BG BANG theory has as much evidence as does any apocalypse. yes.

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