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  1. Nothing wrong with Davey at all, but methinks if you went to any suburban high school, where the kids can afford good haircuts and fashionable clothes, and lined up 200 boys, you’d find 20 or so at least as hot, if not hotter than he is.

    1. Just a hint of a smile would be an improvement. He looks like someone just fed him a not-so-ripe persimmon.

  2. What’s with scowling expression? Totally unappealing. Agree with horselips: quite ordinary. I see hotter kids on the street everyday.

    1. “What’s with scowling expression? Totally unappealing.”

      Agreed. Much better if he were smiling … at least a little ….. maybe even a smirk?

      While we’re at it … someone get him a comb …. or better yet, a brush! If he’s gone to all that trouble and time to button up his shirt and pose for the camera, …. at least make his hair nice (well, at least it’s not shaved on the sides!).

      And, who’s favorite?

      Eye color ….. seems hazel is the “new neutral” color. :-)

  3. Lighten up, kid! That tight mouth is pulling his whole jaw line down. Wonder what he would look like with a mischievous grin.

  4. He’s certainly very beautiful! He has a great composition, my favorite hair colour and gorgeous eyes. The scar adds a bit of charm too :) I can’t help wonder how much prettier he’d be with a smile, though. Unfortunately smiles are rare in fashion.

    1. @Konoha
      “Unfortunately smiles are rare in fashion.”
      ❦Especially it seems in male youth fashion of late, maybe done to portray a manly bravado I’d guess. Generally I see a smile I return a smile.
      Looked over all this boy’s photos available just to catch one smile, couldn’t find a one…such a shame.

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