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  1. 😘 He definitely looks really good in this image. .. of all of his pics that I found this seemed to be one of his best.
    Good find Josh!

    1. @Ralph, Beauty is never the problem. It is the personality that determines whether livability is possible, but yes some can be flawed to live with. I quite enjoy a beautiful view. People have to get beyond their ego. When I see someone frequently preening or getting their hair or whatever just right, then I keep on moving and don’t stop. Nice person and great lover are top attributes and pleasant to look at without being conceited follows

  2. Very nice. I can only imagine him thinking (and expressing): “Why are you looking at me that way?

    For many of these cute/very attractive model-types, I often try to mentally visualize how they might look 3, 5, 7 or even 10 years from when their photo was taken — how their face structurally will change.

  3. Ha! Yes…..
    I well recall going into our local pub about seven years ago and the landlady grabbing me all excited dragging me over to meet ‘someone’.
    That old wrinkly well worn face looking at me. I had no clue, others around watching with expectations clear enough all about this visiting fat tummy bristly unshaven gnome. Then as names were mentioned, such shock I couldn’t hide. A one time friend of 40 years before.
    A beautiful boy upon whom I had first realised the meaning of lust. Wet dreams. All of it.
    Climbing trees. Feeling faint at those accidental looks up shorts.

    But now, more than past middle age – unrecognisable. Unkindly time is an abusive master.

    Causing embarrassment and awkwardness.

    1. @Upi Yes, Tobacco, excessive alcohol and food, brutal sun exposure and also lack of exercise, bad food and stress. There are a number of things that can cause people to age badly which can be avoided. Nobody can go back so it is best to enjoy what you have when you have it. Since we don’t know how long we will last and life seems to enjoy laughing at us, it is wise to keep in mind that lots of fun can be had while still taking a bit of care.

  4. Such a one needs us to grab, fuck, and LOVE. Models often look as if they challenge us. TAKE HIM ON as some CHALLENGER versus the wee we challenging co-combatants. oh. we wee wees lose a little. ha ha ha He MUST win. WE LOVE HIM !

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