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  1. Love the look but I like a guy with piercings and/or tattoos as long as they don’t cover themselves in ink. I remember a video Stav did, can’t recall the title. Cherry something? Something Cherry? My mind is not up to the task of remembering today.

        1. Thanks for reposting the ad. I had seen the ad but not the video where he talked. I guess he’s 21 or so now? Maybe older? In any event he’s my kind of boy.

  2. unfortunately his beauty without may be marred due to his inner beauty. He tried to stop some guy bothering old women a few weeks ago and was attacked for it, requiring stitches in his lips and cheek.

    I can’t find a non local source so you’ll have to rely on imperfect translation:

  3. As I write this, it’s already Wednesday PM. We didn’t have anything for Tuesday, not even a Troye … And nothing so far today ….. how about reviewing what I sent you as suggestions …. particularly the one to (hopefully) stimulate some sort of comments (either way)? Or post the 2 videos — great talent and great (and exotic as well!) looking.

      1. @Cpt. Proton:

        No, it caught up with me in the middle of posting a comment. And “used bandwidth” had nothing to do with it …. it was all about $$$$.

  4. Well I, for one, think this young man’s defence of women is really noteworthy; and I hope it adds to his mystique and advances his career. A little facial scar just might become the new “in thing”!

    Androgynous boys are fascinating, and shake stereotypes around. Good!! Males can be anything; but being beautiful/pretty does NOT mean you stop being a man. However he looks, his actions show he has “balls”. Good on him.

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