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    1. This boy is Korean, not Japanese. So why the [quite ignorant] word/concept, “weeaboo”? And, who is “Amelie”?

      1. A slip-up for Emilie, I am not perfect like you.
        I didn’t look up this boy, but he does look like a weeaboo himself, that was the point, and it was meant with fondness, no need to ride your high horse about it.

        Actually, many K-pop artists have been into Japanese culture and even speak Japanese, all part of their labels’ strategy to sell in Japan, the second world market for music.

        1. “I didn’t look up this boy,”

          You don’t NEED to — his name says it all (assuming you pay attention to …. uh, “minor details” like his name). And if you’re so concerned by some weird word/detail such as that, why would you not be concerned by something even more obvious like his name?


          “but he does look like a weeaboo himself, that was the point,”
          You mean, he looks like an Asian? That word is so weird and I’m pretty sure, NOT flattering at all to Japanese — so, how would that word be any different than, say, “nigger” or “spic” or even “honky”?

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