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  1. FUN ! BUT — REAL boys EXpose their breasts. Even girly boys know the this of the that. HIDING the breasts as if a real GIRL humility is as silly as the pretending the clit is as being a dick, or, a dick is as a clitoris. AINT the SAME. ha ha ha . FUN to play a game .

      1. NO. Having too nuch fum being silly. If you think it means
        “Having too much fun being silly” then, you’d not be inaccurate.

  2. A Grand Prize Winner in the Genetics Clearinghouse Sweepstakes. The Prize Patrol will award him endless pussy for the rest of his life.

  3. I hope he has really bad breath.
    Completely unfair someone should be so totally, perfectly beautiful.

  4. There is no human androgyny. Nor mammalian androgyny. Some frogs and lizards and even some bacteria are androgynous.
    — How homos and queers get be born is obvious. How they get to be sexually off / odd is not of knowledge. It is not androgyny.
    — Jordan Barrett of the picture is not a frog nor a lizard nor a bacterium. Nor is he an androgen

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