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  1. Another Grand Prize Winner in the Genetics Clearinghouse Sweepstakes.

    He’s melt-in-your-mouth adorable.

    1. @Devil you get the golden google award!
      She is very pretty. So is Sergey. I saw a male stunner, around 20ish walking shirtless yesterday. Real life is out there.

  2. He’s obviously a very good looking boy. Why the incredibly crappy photo — you couldn’t find a better photo of this boy — ANYWHERE?

    1. Geezus, Penboy, you’re never happy. It must really suck to be you.
      Cheer up! It’s a free site! It’s not like you’re out anything to come here.
      Be grateful for the wonderful, creative, and imaginative efforts our munificent host has bestowed on us.
      “Quitcher bitchin’.”

      1. I quite agree. The photo was taken that way for a variety of reasons and the result is an impressionist photo. An impressionist photo of a lovely youth with a questing look.

      2. I call it as I see it. Get the fuck over it.

        “Impressionist” photo? Yeah, with something just slightly better than a Kodak Brownie. Pure bullshit.

          1. With all those white spots — otherwise known as SCRATCHES.

            Yeah, keep dreaming that you actually know something about photography.

  3. A very pretty boy indeed and nothing wrong with the photo, the effect softens the image and brings out the beauty just perfect 😍

    1. At least I hope it’s a boy but perhaps Josh is pulling our, um… leg. There’s a fine line between an 11yo boy and a 20yo woman, in terms of looks.

  4. And if it’s a picture of our White Rabbit when he was 11 I’m going to build myself a time machine :-)

  5. @Drayden
    😋That’s cause ‘her’ name is Taylor Brandenburg,(?) not Sergey Rosenberg and she’s not a cute boy! ~Actually I sent a link but it
    mysteriously disappeared…

    1. Oh dear oh dear.

      At least she’s legal.

      However she’s unlikely to go for one of us. Unless it’s Josh maybe!

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