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  1. Tried to find more on him with Google photo match but all that came up was a series of photos of a blond female. Not surprising.

  2. That’s the kind of guy that just makes me weak in the knees. Beautiful, young, little touch of innocence, light skin, slender, blonde. Oh my…

    But, I would swear today is Friday 😃

  3. Very Cute. Looks like a slightly older, longer hair version of Macaulay Culkin on the cusp of puberty (he WAS cute, don’t you remember?).

  4. @Bob
    ~Couldn’t find him either… 😘💕Therefore he is a cute boy!
    😜Shame he’s right on the cusp of them dang puberty blues though!

    1. I was referring to Macaulay Culkin being on the cusp of puberty, in Home Alone, not this teen — with a mustache [shadow], he’s already well into puberty.

    1. “But he is so well dressed.”

      With a no-collar shirt (showing T-shirt) and very casual levis/ pants? The “well dressed” bar isn’t very high for you, is it?

        1. Dense? Hardly. Literal? Of course, it’s words on the Internet, stupid.

          It’s YOU who’s dense.

          1. Okay, You win. You’re thick and pompous. Not dense and literal. Cheers,

    1. I saw one blond today that was worth ten! :-) Made my day, my week, and my whole month… :-D

    2. I see about a half-dozen cuties in my local Starbucks every morning — and only a few of them are blond …. cuties come in all ‘colors’ and color of hair.

  5. I rember very well and well, he was as cute as a bottle of Coke;
    Product placement.

    This guy? Cuter!

    1. Those pics show he looks even more like Macaulay Culkin. Maybe there’s some shared ancestry back in time?

  6. Yes, he and Macaulay Culkin have common ancestry. As do you and Macaulay.

    I don’t really see the similarity. Totally different facial structure, different nose and eyes, sure both are blond and cute.

    1. I’m certainly glad I’ve never had to deal with your eyes-to-brain analyses through my life. How did you ever graduate from high school with your short-sightedness?

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