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Niclas Gillis

Sorry for the downtime over the weekend. There was a small technical problem which I fixed on my end but that also required some action by the host and apparently no one was available over the weekend. But that’s all right, everyone deserves some days off, hey? :p

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  1. Wow. What a refreshing pic. No goofy hair or makeup, no visible tats or piercings, no weird-ass outfit, just a gorgeous teen/twink looking like he just got laid and is getting dressed. Or, uhhmm, maybe he’s about to get laid and he’s getting undressed. Either way = Hotness.

    1. Judging by his hair, I’d say … he just got laid and is getting dressed (I would hope, anyway).

      Just what is “goofy hair” to you?

      Btw, he looks to be a ‘shaver’.

  2. Google his name; he’s gorgeous from all angles. Often looking for more of someone will reveal that one photo is all about the lighting and angle. He’s also super intelligent: a successful director and actor, as well as a model. He’s pushing 30, but you can’t have everything. jk

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