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  1. Mmmm. Nice. Beautiful skin and a lovely nipple. But this old man doesn’t understand why the youth of today want to shave their crowning glory: their thick, luscious, hair.

  2. Totally agree with Sean’s hair comment.

    I find it strangely ironic that one who is a “model” (assuming the title is correct) would present his hair in that way — who would want to emulate his “lawnmower path around a bush/tree” haircut that a true model is being hired for? Let’s hope he models clothes … or maybe, the sex type — he has the body and face for it.

    1. That’s what I thought as well. There was something homoerotic about those boys all together in tents n the middle of nowhere, just like the boy scouts. Testosterone will do that. All it took was a little bitchboy and their hormones went into overdrive. I was a boy scout once. The number of underpants I took home cum soaked was unbelievable. None of them my own, and all soaked at the back. Ah, Happy days and memories. i couldn’t sit for a fucking week afterwards. ouch.

  3. ~Reminds me of the Hitler Youth but not the cute ones… Maybe Trump can enlist this shaved burg as an agitator in one of his rallies like in Phoenix last night. He’d make a good model for the new ‘youth’ movement recruiting posters!

    @Uncle Harry
    “Pretty” ?! If he’s your idea of pretty you need some new specs😝!

    1. Beauty, you senile, myopic fuckpig, is in the eye of the beholder. He has fine features, his body is firm and nicely muscled and he’s just coming out of the peach fuzz stage. Yep, a Nordic beauty !!

      Are you really so close minded that you would try and stereotype somebody by their style of haircut ? FFS, you seppos really are stupid !

      His hair may be shaved but I bet his cock’s not mutilated, so a double winner as far as I’m concerned.

      1. 😘Lord help us I was just fuckin with you, there’s no need to take offense!
        ~ I knew there was a reason I usually withhold comment if I’ve nothing nice to say.
        😂Do accept my apology if you’re of a mind to.

        1. You’re not a bad person. You’re a terrific person. You’re one of my favourite people, but every once in a while, you can be a real cunt.
          So of course I accept your apology,

      2. Harry
        “His hair may be shaved but I bet his cock’s not mutilated,

        And you know this, how? What determines whether his “cock’s mutilated” [or not] is whether his PARENTS are religious lunatics [or a rare medical reason] — it has nothing to do with his appearance.

        And, since you’re from U.K. and probably he is as well (or may Australia) — both of your areas are predominantly religious in some way … either Anglican, Catholic, or other Christian, so I’d lay the odds that he is more likely to be circumcised than not (both countries) — it’s not definitive (in here) where he’s actually from.

        I won’t even get into the “Hitler Youth” argument.

    2. All the folks arrested for attacking the police officers with urine filled balloons, etc., at the Phoenix Trump rally were hired and paid Antifa agitators – not Trumpsters. They’re the same Antifa thugs who riot on college campuses, terrorize guest speakers, carry out doxing attacks, and send threatening emails. One look at their flag clues you in to their evil ideology. They’re terrorists, pure and simple, and it will only take a few more incidents for the FBI to label them as such.
      The weird thing about the Charlottesville unpleasantness, was the spectacle of seeing the ‘new’ armed wing of the Democratic Party (Antifa) attacking the ‘old’ armed wing of the Democratic Party (KKK). Poor Senator Harry Byrd must be spinning in his grave.
      I hate Nazis (national socialists). I hate Commies (international socialists). And don’t kid yourself – so-called Democratic socialists (totalitarian-progressives) are no different. In their heart of hearts, they’re all killers. When they fight, I say “let ’em.” And hope they wipe each other out.

  4. 😝Please forgive me gents, my alter ego stepped in, totally disregarding standard PC rules in public discourse.
    ~Normally I personally would withhold comment if I had nothing nice to say re a post but all those positive comments just irked me past the point of redemption and Clide stepped up… Just love that guy!

  5. Great haircut, beautiful boy. And Horselips,? If you think Trump is good for the country, I feel sorry for the US of A. He will walk all over it and take what he wants. And why your response on Charlottesville was included in this post is beyond me. But I guess you had to get it off your chest.

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