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  1. Nice face and slim body but (not wishing to flame) but not a huge fan of circumcision, hence my preference for Brit/European guys but would not say no…

    1. Circumcision is just cruel and everyone knows that :-// How can you even think about cutting of a part from a body… He sure is very cute and have a amazingsly sweet penis, but this is always a negative point and causes so many thoughts of being violated, when he had no chance to say “NO, leave my body alone, I want to decide who is doing what with it”… So sad sometimes… :-//

      1. Circumcision is the best. Up to the age of 21 I was uncut. Then got cut. Best thing ever. Cleaner, healthier. No regrets at all.

        1. How is it healthier? Most of the myths around circumcision having any health benefits (like that it lowers the risk of an HIV infection) were debunked.

          And cleaner? Really? It takes literally 5 seconds each day in the shower to clean under your foreskin and that’s all you need to do. That’s like saying oh, I don’t want to clean my ears every day so I’ll cut them off.

          I don’t mind if people decide to get cut anyway like you did, it’s their decision as an adult and they can do with their body whatever they want.

          But I think it’s a disgusting tradition to do it to little kids who have no say in the matter just because daddy wants them to look like him, that’s just stupid, careless and ignorant.

        2. Wow, Mäx, sehr sehr geil gesagt :-)

          He is absolutely right – all rights to the babys and children! There are loads and loads of men that feel abused and want their natural bodys back. And besides that not every doctor does a great job. It looks ugly, causes imense health problems or even destroys the penis or its natural funktion… No secret, you all kno that…

          1. Yea I find it very hard to get aroused by a cut cock but it depends on the person. I have had an Egyptian boy who was so lovely in other ways that it just did not matter. As to Germany and Scandinavia trying to outlaw it, well they ran into Human Rights issues over freedom of religion. You would have to have exemptions. One good buddy of mine (who I met here) is Jewish though from the US and he is furious over the circumcision and wants regenerative surgery. His parents are reform jews though so say they support him.

  2. As to the circumcision debate I think for religious purposes and as an adult choice it is fine. However robbing a child without choice of that wonderful sensitivity is out of order. As to cleanliness: pull bsck skin and rinse what could be easier. ?

    He’s cute though

    1. Children should not be genitally mutilated for any reason, especially for religion.

      Phimosis is normal in babies and toddlers but is a fairly rare complaint in older children and it can be cured by stretching the skin.

      Germany and the Scandinavian countries have debated outlawing the barbaric practice and I hope they do indeed lead the world in this.

      However if as an adult you wish to make this lifestyle choice, then go for it.

      Like most Helix models, he is cute but I see his scarred cock and I feel pity not arousal.

  3. I think he would have looked even more handsome complete with foreskin. But even now he is a gorgeous looking young man.

  4. This boy you see here who’s cute, he looks good naked, he has a nice penis, and I want some of it

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