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  1. Magic mirror on the wall,
    Who is the fairest one of all?

    Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Who is the sexiest one of all?

    Probably an only child — he looks like he’s just taking his time brushing the teeth scoping out his image — Is he the right weight? The right height? Is there enough hanging between his legs?

    I’ll take it he’s not worried about another sibling charging into the bathroom discovering his “mirror time.”

  2. MIRROR MIRROR on the wall / Here be this before as all
    Start of day is what you see / Intersex is what will be
    All depends on what they do / much this wants is but their woo
    Do so want to love some one / Do not take from me their sun
    Do sex weirdness all defend / Such is we do must depend
    If as ugly we do show / beauty is what we do know
    As the stars above do glow / Do we less than they do show
    MIRROR MIRROR on the wall / All we show is all our all
    If our start is less than pure / Make our working much more sure
    Glory be to god on high / Let me be become so nigh
    Though believe not as might could / Teach me to be as a good
    ♪♫☺☻♂☼❦♂♪♫❦☺☮♂♫ ♪💎♫ ♂☮🍸♫ ♪♫✨🌞❦☮♪♫.

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