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  1. My imagination is on the run….some kind of living piece of art in a museum?
    or at the doctor’s examination study?

    1. There used to be a Gay Massage place in London that was decorated like that. Even if it’s not the same place I still suspect it’s a massage parlour.

    1. just because in your area the food poisoned 14y kids look like 20y, it does not mean that this healthy lad here is not 18+ ;)

    2. In Florida you can get a tattoo at 16 with parental consent, and it is not at all hard for people to get tattoos at that age even without it.

    3. it is way more risky to go completely naked minus 18 than to have tattoos, and I didn’t mean the temperature outside;;;but yummy lad he is

      1. Well, he is minus 18 from your subjective view, or is it based on some facts? We should be carefully with such statements and have fully trust in Josh for the content he is publishing. Some look older some look younger, it’s hard to guess an age just from one picture.

        1. “Some look older some look younger, it’s hard to guess an age just from one picture.”

          No one exemplifies that more than East, Southeast and Pacific Asians (as a ‘group’).

  2. He thinks that McDonald’s hamburgers make kids older before their time.

    I’m not so sure he’s wrong.

  3. I don’t care what anybody else likes, but slender, semi-buff, hung blonds are at the top of my list. I love the way they look, and they inspire memories – OMG – you should have seen him ……

    I still look at his school pictures on Classmates.

    1. Hey now, didn’t you see the video posted recently…. those are racist preferences that aren’t welcome here.

      Even though I personally share those preferences…. except the hung part, I always liked guys closer to average in that department.

  4. Ultimately it comes down to this simple issue – that it doesn’t matter what you show people it’s about what they see. I see a boy in his 20’s while others see a little boy in his teens – under 18.

  5. ~Reality is…
    If he’s old enough to take selfies like that then post it anywhere then he’s
    old enough to take responsibility for his own actions no matter who thinks what!

  6. i remember him from tumblr back in the days his name was afrizzelle

    he was such a cutie^^ sadly his tumblr is gone but some of his pics still walk around on the internet.

    1. How far back in time. This guy is married a Pastor, and has that same long blond hair.

      Aaron Frizzelle

      Love God, love my anointed wife, love my amazing children. Passionate youth/young adult pastor at Woodlake Church.

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