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  1. Lovely body. I sense an Alpha male – popular, self-confidant, and very smart. Yes, Claude Simard, he will enjoy a successful life -successful in every way.

    1. Your imagination is insane. How a mirror selfie somehow is indicative of future success is beyond logic. But then again, so are you.

      1. Wait a dozen years. You’ll see I was right. (It’s not about my imagination, or logic, it’s all about discernment and perception.)

        1. Your confidence may turn against you..nothing is certain and how many times only properity brought bad luck like it does to famous people in film or music industry f.e. with drugs and dying at young age.

          1. My drug of choice, even as a teenager, was always gunpowder. Oh well, birth is fatal anyway.

  2. Yes, cute. But I’ll offer a suggestion: Turn around and face that mirror and fix your hair — to complete the “ensemble.”

      1. “His hair is “fixed”; you just don’t like the style.”
        No, it’s NOT. And I think that’s fucking obvious.

          1. Dylan, it’s Penboy. If it’s nott o his personal taste, it’s simply wrong and inexcusable.
            Honestly, best to just ignore him.

          2. milkboys,it’s keira215 — if he can’t troll someone, it’s wrong and inexcusable.
            Honestly, best to just ignore him.

      2. Since he’s obviously spent at least 20 minutes “fixing” it, I (and he) think it’s fixed.

  3. Wordsworth; “Total bottom, methinks”.

    I’ll fall on my knees and turn him into a top.

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