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  1. @Casper
    😘Fancy camera but no nip shot?
    ~Do love the hair, costume, and your lips though!

  2. hmm … I’ve seen him before.
    Much nicer (=not that fancy/eccentric) and “more” of him.

    1. matz69 : I would like to know where I can see « more » of him. Thank you. He’s so cute.

  3. Thanks Kinkynik & Casper
    😍Adorable, why would anyone saying anything negative about either of them… Both ring the cute meter just fine!

  4. I knew I had seen him before. “Dakota” was the keyword – so I can still trust my old brain cells … Thanks Nik, Thanks Caspar for this replay !
    (Btw … That’s a new way for a bj I previously didn’t know)

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