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  1. THIS would have been a better “Tummy Tuesday.”

    Are you trying to outdo yourself posting the most boring pics?

    1. 😘Nice tummy shot!
      ~Seriously it’s Josh’s site to post whatever ‘he likes’ while hoping his readers may like it too.
      Wouldn’t it just be easier not commenting at all when you don’t like something or it doesn’t meet your high standards? I’m no angel but the last time I shot a post down I only seconded a friend but normally I wouldn’t even have done that. Doesn’t Josh generally pass through most all of the random off-topic links that you insert in damn near every other post with no qualms? Hell give him a break he’s already put up with you for the past seven years or so even if you can be a bit trying at times…

      1. “Wouldn’t it just be easier not commenting at all”

        Pretty stupid question, but my initial comment generated 3 more comments that otherwise wouldn’t be.

          1. You’re confusing me with the idiot you see in your mirror every morning.

          2. When you see cute boys in the mirror and anytime, even in the morning that makes my day, I don’t know about anybody else’s.

        1. @PB
          😘So you do live for the love & adoration of your fans, I thought as much, do carry on!

  2. I’m not a lover of the baggy sweatpants American boys are going for the past couple of years, but it does make for easy access. ;-P

    Looks like he took scissors to his shirt…

  3. This boys name is Jacob, I follow him on instagram and snapchat xD, always thought he was such a cutie!

  4. That boy that standing in front of the mirror he is cute boy he reminds me of a friend that I had before I don’t know if this boy that is standing in front of the mirror I don’t know if he is gay or not but it doesn’t matter he is so cute he’s very sexy boy I can see why he would want to show himself cuz he’s very good-looking I could just imagine how many friends he’s got or how many people one to be around him it seems like he’s the kind of boy that you can talk to

  5. I heard I’m Jacob, if it is the one that I’m thinking of he is cute, I wish I can see a picture of him to confirm that I thinking of the right boy.

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