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  1. Is it just me or is the youth of today just that much more attractive than back in my teen days. I remember good looking guys, but they do not register in my mind as being as healthy looking and down right gorgeous.

    1. Maybe it’s you. :-) I sometimes look back in one of my yearbooks and I now see a lot more boys that are very good looking and sometimes super cute. (Although I don’t see that many girls who would have been what I would have called “my type”. Most looked quite “plain” to me even now.)

      But, I think all those “responsible” heterosexual couples are still “making” good looking offspring today and probably will in the future. I just hope they grow up sensible and not be as over-weight as some I see today — there’s no excuse for it other than laziness.

      1. Wish I had gone to your school. My country school was absent of what appears you had plenty of.

        1. I went to 2 very different types of schools. My junior high (called middle school now) was public and my high school was an all-boys very private, religious boarding school.

          The public junior high (my class) had at least a hundred boys what I would have called good looking and about thirty or so of those was very cute (to me).

          The private school had barely a handful of boys I thought were attractive in my class. But a couple of classes younger, there were quite a few more plus a nice handful that lived in my dormitory so I was able to discern even more “traits” of those in the dorm from the ones at school.

          This is from my personal perspective being gay but [for the most part] unable to touch all that I wanted to. But I was able to ‘touch’ a nice handful (in both senses of the word) in my dorm. :-)

          But, it’s still “hell” when you’re 14-1/2 through 17 trying to figure out someone else’s desire when your “gaydar” isn’t fully installed and operational. :-)

  2. If only smart phones, computers, internet and “selfies” had been around when I was growing up!

  3. Nice to have you back, Josh!
    Missed you.
    You have a wide range of admirers, who follow you for all sorts of reasons.
    Of course your endless choices of beautiful Milkboys, but also the philosophy you demonstrate; your being up-to-date with social news and commentary and your interesting short films. Did I mention beautiful boys?
    And, for me, Horselips, whose comments I look forward to because he is my talking chief (he almost always says what I think); and the others who debate with him and have their predictable little hissy-fits that make life interesting.

    It is hard to underestimate the importance of young gay guys having a place to go that celebrates their orientation with pride, is sometimes just a bit edgy yet nicely avoids porn. The balance you strike is not easy; and you pull it off very well. (!)
    But you also have an older audience. The balance you provide gives them some safe jollies and they use your blog to reminisce and gain vicarious satisfaction re-living their youth.

    Here comes the point – In order to be accessible to your target market, you must remain free. But your older audience is well able to pay and might even feel that helping to keep your blog well funded was something of a public service.
    When you have made a direct appeal for help in the past, I believe you got a good response. Why not make that a regular feature; provide a way for those that wanted (no obligation) to toss some money in the hat could feel good because they were helping out.

    I don’t want to see the site down again and I reckon you might be surprised how many feel the same as I do about being willing to help.

    1. Post

      Hey John, thanks for the kind words :)

      A little fundraiser every 6 months or so is something we’ll definitely look into once the current funds are used up.

    2. Ooops. not “hard to underestimate”; “easy to underestimate”.
      I guess I had “hard” on my mind….

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