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  1. This is what I see of his career now:

    “2014–Present: Leaving AD Records

    Ronan announced via Twitter he is leaving AD Records to start new things. He then switched to the Texas based Rosen Music Group. In June 2014 Parke has been spotted in the studio, working in America with producer KC on new material.”

    I’ve thought since the last six months, it’s been pretty dead. Hmmmmm, now that he’s in Texas (no less!), I can only imagine what his songs are going to be like ….. not to mention how he will dress and talk! Maybe we should look for cowboy boots and a cowboy hat …. and then speaking like George W. Bush?

  2. I have a young neighbour who I am sure is a Ronan fan. He has his hair done like Ronan’s. He too in the last couple of months has left behind being a boy and is now a handsome young man.

  3. He looks cute & sophisticated…always liked him: talented, nice, cute…his boyfriend is a lucky guy!

    1. Are you kidding? Of course he is gay. Everything about Ronan screams that he is gay. There is a YouTube video of him and Jack Maynard on a bus tour, and they were flirting. I am sure the lad likes guys.

    2. @SoFuckingAwesome

      Ronan is certainly seriously camp & fem in his ways. This does NOT mean he is gay – but it’s a fair bet!

      1. too true. But also remember that a boy is gay at 11, str8 at 12, bi at 13, gay at 14, str8 at 15, bi at 16.

        I hope ppl let the boy alone until he figures it out for himself. It takes a while to sort out feelings as you meet people.

  4. Interesting how people here used to chide someone for being a BL & posting pics of, and talking about boys under 15. Now most the posts seem to be about “Tween” themes. Even Josh’s posts have obviously younger boy ages. I am so glad that the members here have seen the need to nurture the younger fellas and bring them into the adulthood we all seek. Coming of age is much younger than 15 for crying out loud. It takes a close watch to bring a boy of 11 or 12 into the age of young adulthood. Being by their side through the “questioning” era is important.

    I love Ronan’s video about being your own person.

    I hope this site can see its way clear to recognize younger people in the future. The worlds cultures are losing their “rite of passage” cultures.This happens between 11 and 14 in most societies. If it is not there then the culture loses boys to the Neverland.

  5. I am sure dear Ronan is gay. Or my gaydar needs to go in for a service. That’s why I adore him. When he is 18+ he will come out in the way Tom Daley did. I shall envy Ronan’s boyfriend.

  6. You know most people would say he’s handsome, and he is, but I say he’s really cute, he looks good with a suit on, I would love to hang out with him, I would love to be friends.

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