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X jumps first. Down in the water, he’s not allowed to change position. The goal for Y and Z is to jump as close as possible to X. The one who jumps closest to X wins the game.

Measuring their power and proving themselves is part of the boys’ everyday life. Even for the 13-year old gentle-natured Yannik. Until his best friend’s upcoming sexual curiosity suddenly puts him in a threatening situation. Where is the line between game and reality and what happens if that line is crossed?

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  1. I understand the basis of lots of the actions, adolescent stuff all mixed up with confused fear. Actually reasonable and interesting. However by the end, the dark haired guy shows severe issues of violence and confusion and fear of exposure, to bad about that. Maybe he goes on to be a Pence, Kavanaugh or Bolsonaro type of person.

  2. Yep pretty dark tale about bullying and ending up with rape.
    Bit more that teens experimenting.
    I think the dark lighting and time of day spoilt the viewers experience at times.

  3. Brunette looked really mean and “old” at the end; was really handsome at times. Good film.

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