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  1. I am not sure Asia’s own version of YouTube had this in mind when they launched TikTok (Douyin), but these boys appropriated it to make a very cute and fun video.
    Now where’s the full feature movie?

    Apparently they do it with fries and other food too:

  2. Somethings changed. I can’t view videos either on here or Juiceboys on iPhone or iPad.

    Anyone else having the same issue?

  3. 😘cute…
    ~Guess my ‘stupidphone’, (Android) has some use after all…
    For watching vids not viewable on my iPad.

  4. Very cute. I’d guess they’re Filipinos — they tend to have that kind of attitude a bit more than other Asians (in their countries). The openness of being gay or just smoochy “best friends” [taken from Seinfeld] tends to be more prevalent in the Philippines. Quite fun to watch.

    Oops. After watching the other one, they appear to be Taiwanese.

    1. Yeah that would not be Filipinos. That country is EXTREMELY religious, very anti gay and also have a nearly militant forced circumcision practice on young boys. Beautiful country and people in many ways, but also has its dark side.

      1. The Philippines was a colony of Spain for over 300 years so that explains the dark side and messed up religious……..

    1. I’ve never in my life ever thought about a “bug’s ear” — being either attractive or sexy.

      1. early 20th century US slang goes along with the “cat’s pajamas” or the “bee’s knees”.

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