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People keep asking me for a blog like milkboys but with girls. I can’t really think of any way to pull that off without it being just another Tumblr. But I kind of like the idea of posting a girl here every now and then. Not every day, maybe not even every week, just sometimes.


Why care about genders if you can’t tell the difference anyway ;p

I know that this blog is not only frequented by gay guys and as I mentioned before I’d love to make this place a bit more colourful, offer something for all niches of the queer rainbow and as a pan/bi guy myself I can tell you one thing: It’s really easy to feel left out nowadays when you get crap from (parts of) the straight and the gay side for not really caring about the gender of the person you fall for.

So, what do you think? Is that something we could, or should, tackle?

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  1. Wow. This can cause looong comments. In a short: We have had that….
    And this place was warmer, more vivid and more colourful. Colourful like the rainbow-ish “milkboys” at the top. Over the time the gay boys took over and the lesbians or the trans [insert name here] vanished.
    Make it an LGBT place again. Like its said under Hejsan:
    “…Whatever age, gender or sexual preference…”

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      Yeah, that was my concern, that the site basically turned into a pretty vanilla “gay” blog.

      I realise that a gay blog will obviously attract a gay audience so such a poll might not be the most useful tool to evaluate the situation since, of course, most people coming here are regular visitors because they’re fine with the content as it is while different content might attract different folks.

  2. I agree with the caption that if you can’t tell…This pic is a good example – she’s sexy. I like soft, stylish and teasing pics, and as long as the girls aren’t giving us a closeup of their vaginas, then I’m happy to have one every now and then :)

  3. ❦You used to have Trap Tue.(?) or something like that plus even a Freckle Friday or two that were thought to be boys but were actually girls, in fact I still have them in my album! It’s not like you haven’t had girls before. I’d think androgynous of either sex is sometimes nice too.

    It’s like anything else you might see here, just don’t comment if it’s not your cup of tea! That’s what I do! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. I made my vote and I’m not going to get into which choice I made or why…. but for reason’s Devil stated, I’m curious why a big deal needs to be made of it now.

      There’s always been an occasional girl and more then the occasional transgender or androgynous person posted, so why bother even bringing it up if it’s still only going to be the occasional girl?

  4. Josh, you shouldn’t be too worried about using your webboard to express your personal inclinations. :-)

    On that note I suggest you should not feel a problem with posting cute 11yo boys either, the way you sometimes did in the past.

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      Posting younger guys became incredibly difficult over the last years because no matter how harmless a picture is, people will always accuse you of having dirty base motives so even if you stay on the legal side of things you’ll always have to deal with people trying to cause as much trouble as possible just so can feel morally superior.

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  5. As Devil said, you’ve posted many ‘traps’ in the past, and I have no problem at all with that. I might be disappointed to learn what’s [not] in their pants, but it doesn’t mean I don’t admire their beauty. Most likely I won’t post a comment on it though.

    I know there’s a good number of bi guys on the board, so I’m sure many would appreciate that. Also, if it helps to bring in more viewers by providing a wider variety of posts, I say go for it. :)

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      I kinda stopped with the “traps” because the term is a bit of a slippery slope and not everyone might appreciate being put into that category and I regret doing that.

      We do have Femboy Friday now which is pretty much unproblematic but I do miss posting some androgynous girls once in a while even tho I sneaked in a girl every so often anyway :p

      But yeah, I think you’re right and I’ll go for it.

    2. Good reply, daveboy … I agree with everything you said. My “vagina” comment was just being a bit snarky ….. but, as you said, if it brings in more viewers then go for it.

      milkboys …. just please don’t post the overly “bushy” ones.

  6. Not that my opinion counts but here is my feeling. In this day and age sometimes it is difficult to determine if a person is male or female just by their looks. What is easy to tell is if a person’s looks please your eye. For me if I see someone that excites me, there are several reactions in my body that are pleasing, (turned on). Here is the other thing I know about myself, I am gay. When I see someone that excites me, if I learn that they are a female then I loose that excitement and in fact it turns into disappointment. If you are going to post pictures of males and females, please do this for others like myself. Please don’t leave us guessing. Inform us up front so we will not experience the let down that comes with learning that the beautiful human form we are looking at is not the gender of person we choose to be with.

  7. Macht’s nicht to me, but please, no, ugh, wide open beavers (with apologies to Kurt Vonnegut)

  8. Josh – Don’t you already have a blog called Skyclad where you mix it up? I’m one of those incredibly rare true bisexuals – so I’m fine with some occasional pussy. But some of the hottest things are pics and videos of boy-boy-girl threesomes, and watching those super-hot str8 boys we all drool over getting laid and wishing we were that girl.

    Whatever – let the fantasies roll!

  9. ❦ If it’s said that “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder” than neither sexuality nor gender should be the only divining factor in what pleases us. Those times I may have viewed a girl believing she was a boy or vice versa their beauty isn’t really lessened because of its personal, (sexual aspect) appeal to me but instead it’s gratified because that’s what drew my eyes first. IMO of course, each to their own…

    I think you should test the waters Josh, you’ve always walked the edge and we with you. Comments may tell if it’s a worthwhile gamble over time but then again maybe not. I’ll tell you this, I love seeing the increased traffic round here lately as we can always use a bit more diversity at milkboys!
    Oh yes, it’s great seeing you in mb’s pages commenting more and letting us know what you think too, please keep it up ♡ ‿ ♡ !

  10. Well, I like both boys AND girls. So many people who are gay are also a little bit hetero in that they’ll also react favorably to flesh of the opposite gender. Some are more so than others in that regard.

    On a different thought… I wonder if there’s any sexy pictures of the nonbinary types. You now, the ones who physiologically don’t fit into either totally-male OR totally-female category.

    1. “I wonder if there’s any sexy pictures of the nonbinary types.”

      You mean, trans*(gender/sexual)? If so, of course there are tons of sexy pics of those (plenty of porn as well).

      The better ones are the girl/top and boy/bottom.

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  11. I would not mind seeing some girl pictures on the site. I don’t like them, and would not comment on them, but there are several bisexuald on this blog who would like that surely.

    If I were you, I’d see how people responded. Put your toe in the water but not the rest of your body so to speak.

  12. Being a trans boy here. I use to love that you posted other than just gay stuff. I am gay myself, (as in I like guys) but I also love it when you post cute girls and stuff about other trans people, etc.


  14. I came to this website years ago. i was 15. I came here because it was billed as a site for gay people. If people want to see boys and girls, they can go to other sites. You don’t see boycrush showing women, even tho im sure people all along the sexuality scale go to it. Just as I’d stop going to boycrush if they started showing women, I will stop going here. Call me shallow, or misogynistic or whatever, but I came here to see cute guys. there are a myriad of tumblr pages out there. I will go to the ones that are exclusively boys if this site changes, and if this site does not change, the people who want to see girls can go there.

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