Mike Pence

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U.S. vice president Mike Pence is so homophobic that even Donald Trump makes fun of him. Sadly Pence is also the only one in the White House Trump can’t fire.

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    1. Even sadder, _when_ Trump goes, we get Pence. ;)
      A rabbit may have been more appropriate to a lesbian story though, I believe the words “cunt” and “coney” (obsolete for rabbit, see “Coney Island”) originally come from from the same word that had the current two separate meanings, like the equivalent French words “con” and “conil,” although the English etymology seems to be lost in time now. These 2 French words too, by the way, don’t include them in your travel vocabulary: The female sex is now a kitty, not a bunny…

    1. Just input title in YouTube and lots of the vids will work for where you are.

      Speaking of YouTube, the comments by some were absolutely disgusting. Homophobia reigns supreme.

    1. Traditionally a Fag in Britain was/is a cigarette. A Faggot was/is a pork sausage covered in gravy. A Tranny was a radio. A Fairy however was always a name for a gay man, as was Poof/Poofter, Camp, Mincer, Shirtlifter, (Dom)
      Pillow Bitter (Sub), ,Sausage Jockey, Uphill Gardener etc.

      1. Never see some of those names before. Only know fag and faggot as homo, queer, bent, and self-same. Tranny is a homo who plays as a female on stage but is still a faggot, not, as now a days, a trans. CAMP is the play as a female on military stage at a military camp, the humor they understand as in the camp, though not exclusive. POOF do recognize, source no to knowledge. Mincer, Shirtlifter, (Dom)
        Pillow Biter (Sub), Sausage Jockey, Uphill Gardener, are not to knowledge /awareness. Thanks for the stuff.. . In a homo bar, a stuffer is different from a stuffee [hardly ever in use]. Never get a real hang of the various words. Looking for a fucker is all want. ha ha ha

    1. [Btw, if you click on the above link, it’s a “404” — so COPY ALL of it including “pences” then it’s fine.]

      From the above site, Tuesday morning (West Coast, USA):

      “As of Monday afternoon, Last Week Tonight’s book—which was written by Jill Twiss and illustrated by E.G. Keller, an artist from Pence’s home state of Indiana—was the No. 1 seller on Amazon, with the Pences’ book lagging noticeably behind at No. 6. With over 1,200 user reviews by that time, the Last Week Tonight book earned a rare five-star rating. The Pences’ effort had less than 50 reviews, and a woeful one-and-a-half-star rating.”

      This is just hilarious! And I sure hope Pence’s daughter gets wind of these stats — It just MIGHT TEACH her something about her family.

  1. Make America Great Again *** Keep America Great *** Pence in 2024!

    Relax guys, nobody is going to roll back LGBT civil rights. They’re all confirmed in the courts, it’s settled law. And if something isn’t, it will be.

    1. “nobody is going to roll back LGBT civil rights.”

      You have no fucking idea of what’s going on around you, do you? Even throughout the world.

      Here in USA:
      Trump administration continues to roll back LGBT rights
      https://www.splcenter.org/news/2017/10/05/splc-trump-administration-continues-roll-back-lgbt-rights ::

      The following statement is regarding a memo issued by the U.S. Attorney General’s Office to department heads and United States attorneys Wednesday night asserting that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not protect transgender workers from employment discrimination.”

      “President Trump, who continually touted himself as a “friend” of the LGBT community throughout his campaign, has shown once again that his administration is hostile to the rights of LGBT people in this country and is intent on rolling back our rights and our progress.”

      [I’ll let you Google the next few hundred articles for yourself.]

      Bermuda passed legislation outlawing same-sex marriage one year after its high court legalized it.

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