Mi mejor amigo (My best Friend)

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Living with his loving, liberal parents in Argentinian Patagonia, a sensitive high schooler named Lorenzo has to make way for the arrival of Caito, a troublemaking son of his dad’s best friend who’s only a year older. Lorenzo takes on the responsibility of keeping Caito in line and getting him to open up about his troubles.

In the process, both boys bond, but their friendship can only go so far. The movie is a smart, aching look at the ways young people can fall in love, even when they know the object of their affection doesn’t feel the same way. 

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  1. Now for some raw emotions/instincts:

    At the beginning of this trailer, many [character] questions are asked …. Would you be best friends with someone who ……… until he pulls off his shirt to reveal his body. Then it becomes clear that teens will likely respond to their most instinctive and raw emotions: what boils down to sexual lust which can transcend way beyond any character motivations. And that can be infinitesimally greater in gay teens because deep down, we wonder if there will ever be another chance to have sex with someone of the same sex — i.e., will [I] ever be able to admire, hold, fondle, kiss [and more] another beautiful body of the same sex again — and this becomes even more finely acute in societies run by any sort of “religion” and negative societal “rules” against anything even remotely associated with homosexuality — from about 12 years old and beyond. Add to that, the increasing need to experience any sex to “report back” to your peers in the locker rooms, showers, classrooms, etc. that put that psychological pressure on young teens plus.

    “religions” — actually, Socio-Political Ideologies [SPIs]

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