Melodifestivalen 2016

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It’s that time of the year again, the Eurovision Song Contest is around the corner and few countries are as obsessed with it as Sweden and Germany; for some reason especially the queer populations of said countries. The big difference between the two being that Sweden is actually doing very well in the contest on a regular basis ;)

After 2012 (one of the greatest winning songs ever if you ask me) the Swedes took the crown again last year with the anti-bullying song Heroes performed by Måns Zelmerlöw. If you have a few minutes I urge you to check out his entry from last year just so you’re properly prepared for the epicness that was his performance during Melodifestivalen last night which you can see below.

Watch the whole thing, it’s absolutely worth it, promise…

Melodifestivalen is the annual Swedish competition in which the country decides which artist gets to represent them at Eurovision. This year it will be 17-year-old Frans; you can check out his song below. See you at the Eurovision finals on May 14!

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  1. This video contains content from SVT. It is not available in your country.

    Sorry about that.

    ~Me too :(

    1. @Sri
      ❦Thank you so much for the link to that version of “Heroes” that Josh tried to give us but some couldn’t enjoy. It was so much more enjoyable than what I could find on YT here. Having Billy as his shadow in that production was so sweet and seeing his mike I wondered when he’d sing and then he did followed by the whole chorus joining in their shared voices truly gave this song true heart.
      He could have easily been a ‘Billy’ in “Billy Elliot”. Win😍Billy!

      1. He could have easily been a ‘Billy’ in “Billy Elliot”.

        I had to laugh at that ….. given our previous “argument” about abilities.

        1. ❦Just the cute factor you really don’t see enough singing or dancing here for us to quibble over!😀

  2. Videos play fine for me here. I was very surprised. What a wonderful performance and thoroughly enjoyable to watch! Thanks Josh :)

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