Don’t touch me Bro!

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This US lawmaker absolutely needs you to know how extremely heterosexual he is. There can be absolutely no doubt that he is  a very manly man who does not like to be touched by anyone other than his 100% female hetero-wife. Do not question his masculinity or he will rip off his shirt and dominate you!

Beg! Don’t touch!


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  2. Everybody’s entitled to their space. An uninvited touch is technically, and legally, a misdemeanor assault. Just touching an undercover cop in a public restroom or an adult bookstore arcade can get you arrested.

    Be careful out there.

    1. “An uninvited touch is technically, and legally, a misdemeanor assault.”

      No it isn’t. Probably hundreds of thousands of times in one’s life, one needs to touch a shoulder (as one example) to “excuse himself”/get attention for whatever reason. Don’t attempt to argue this — YOU used the word “technically” in your response.

      Metcalfe is just an ignorant EXTREME homophobe (most likely extremely “religious” as well). I would have turned toward him and said FUCK YOU.

  3. There is an hysteria in the United States right now about touching. People are losing their careers because of a touch. America, grow up.

      1. Yes, and it’s mostly women accusing men of destroying their lives by putting a hand on their excess waist-fat for 2 seconds during a photo shoot, or that they couldn’t consent because they “looked up to” the man, yet you think the problem wasn’t caused feminism?

        Have recent events proven my point to you yet, Mr. Penboy? Have you put 2 and 2 together yet?

  4. As for those two children, I foresee many opportunities for their parents to say, “Don’t make me stop this car and get out!”

  5. this is literally 99% of our species. and then some fucking normie bimbo asks me why i dont like socializing. take a fucking guess.

  6. Utterly ridiculous the whole world is going mad. It was just a quick pat to get the guy’s attention. I think he just did it to make the other guy uncomfortable but just made himself look like a prat. I spend a lot of time in Italy and light touching and patting is just a friendly part of the culture. There is no malice or sinister intent involved. I would not fancy that guy pickled anyway. His wife can have him.

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