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  1. Did you recognize, that Anna Stephanson is giving tips to parents, who have boys beeing attracted to girl clothing ? This woman is giving tips to prevent parents to have their boy dressed with girly stuff and don’t want their boys to go out of the house with this dress.
    You published this video hopefully, to show that this is a small minded stuff.
    But of cource, this is an US-american video and i’m not surprised about this bigottry.
    By the way all the costumes are more suitable for carneval than for Halloween. what i didn’t like om this report : This woman dumps out some fluit over the head of the vampire boy. It is clearly to be heart, that this boy didn’t like it and was worried about his costume. The roboter costume is neither good for carneval nor for Haloveen. I don’t know who decided to show this uncomfortable costume

      1. There’s always at least one. I knew that there’d be a post like that when it said “Onion News” at the start of the video.

        How there’s anyone that hasn’t heard of them is beyond me. Seems like there isn’t a week that goes by without someone freaking out over their articles.

    1. @chimel – as it seems like this, it’s ok. I don’t know Onion. So i don’t know, that its a web.devideo ;-)

  2. 😘Loved it, specially our little flaming actors playing gay in their macho, ‘hetro’ costumes!

  3. “But unless you lock them in the house you run the risk that the lady-boy will sneak out on his own, dressed as a ballerina, and you’ll find him pirouetting on somebody’s front porch with the whole neighbourhood watching”

    Just brilliant. A real LOL.

    The Onion reminds me of Brass Eye, a similar UK news send-up.
    YouTube has plenty: “Paedogeddon!” (ep. 7) and “Drugs” (ep. 2) especially, both of which mercilessly trick various celebs into making idiots of themselves.

  4. I’ve never heard of Onion and believed this was real up to about 1.20 mark. I even thought Travis was real. Mind you I was pissing myself up unto that point. I now know they are actors. But are they girly in real life? . Travis was me when I was 11, except I have white hair. So that’s why I initially fell for it.

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