Marriage Equality in Northern Ireland

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“I come from a same sex family and so marriage equality is a hugely important issue to me personally.

I have felt constantly frustrated by the lack of equality in Northern Ireland, not only do I see my government telling me that my family doesn’t deserve legal recognition but I can see that the vast majority of people in Northern Ireland are in favour of marriage equality.

Our government is out of touch; those who believe that love only occurs between people the government approves of, a group who believe that not all of its people are equal is being given a bigger say than anyone else. This is unfair.

I figured my best way to try and speak up was a video. I sent a letter to my local MLA Gordon Dunne asking him to explain why he voted against the marriage equality bill in the Northern Ireland Assembly. After 4 weeks of waiting for a reply I decided to made my video explaining the letter and the situation around marriage equality in Northern Ireland.

Since I made the video and posted it I have had a hugely positive response online. It has now been over 6 weeks since I sent my letter and there has been still absolutely no response from Gordon Dunne or the DUP.”

Darragh Tibbs, 15, County Down, Northern Ireland.

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  1. What a sensible, adult message from a 15 year old. Oh that our politicians had as much common sense as Darragh.

    All power to your elbow, Darragh.

  2. Very well said. I’m very impressed by Mr. Darragh Tibbs’ eloquent speech and letter. He certainly deserves a reply from his MLA Mr. Gordon Dunne on this issue, to explain to this nice young man why he voted against equality. I can pretty much give you the answer: He, and his other naysayer colleagues couldn’t care less about civil equality for minority people. In my opinion the Irish government would do well to read Paul Martin’s speech on same sex marriage, way back in 2005:

    It pretty much outlines the logic of how very wrong it is to oppose such a law. In the meantime, they’re a bunch of old religious pigheaded assholes full of bigotry and hate. The faster these old fart politicians die off, the better.

  3. Josh, thank you for posting this and being back on line!

    I so agree with the two previous comments. Darragh writes and speaks so well and clearly. Don’t know how old one has to be become an Irish representative but he seems better than this Gordon Dunne.

  4. I don’t know where to begin listing all the impressive qualities manifesting in this young man’s heart and mind. Not to mention he possesses an off-the-chart level of pure animal magnetism and that hypnotic accent of his could seduce a Westboro Baptist or an Iranian Mullah. He had me drooling on my keyboard – but forgive me, I see the sexiness in everyone.
    Darragh Tibbs (and I’m sure his little brother also) is obviously the product of an enriched, loving, stable, and impressive familial environment. I see for Darragh a very bright and prosperous future. Mr. Gordon Dunne would be fortunate to have such a son.

  5. Did you know that 4 of the 6 party leaders in Scotland are LGB?

    The two main opposition parties whose leaders sit in the Scottish Parliament are Lesbians. Kezia Dugdale of the Labour Party, (Left Wing) is a Lesbian, Ruth Davidson of the Conservative Party, (Right Wing) is a Lesbian, David Coburn of UKIP, (Fascist) is Gay, and Patrick Harvey of the Green Party (Left Wing Environmentalist) is Bisexual.

    That leaves Willie Rennie of the Liberal Party, (Left of Centre), and the current First(Prime) Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon of the Scottish National Party, (Centre) who are both straight.

    I’m voting for Nicola and another third 5 year administration of the SNP.

    1. No, I did not know.

      I do like the Parliamentary System. I wish we had it here in the US. Representatives of all parties, not just two that are close to the same.

      1. NO !!! The USA is not Irish nor English … nor German nor any other European version of government. The USA is newer than they are. Look at WW ONE and WW TWO and Napoleon &c, those the others. However much the USA is not a friend of any one, the USA, now 360 million, in 2016, is of many from Europe and from ‘over there’. Please do not forget the many original Indians of very useful versions and victims, as so many people are here in the USA. Do not forget the Jews who come here in their ways and the two million who are now here of those who come here from the traveling of Europe, the Gypsies many also of European gas camps. The USA is not a gas camp escape, nor innocent, but do not pretend innocence. Do not forget the African ‘imports’ the Europeans made money off. Not to say the USA is full of any innocents. Nor of any incomers being innocent. Do NOT PRETEND INNOCENCE. We of the USA have evil variations too of a original here on origin, so we can claim no innocence, nor superiority,. Neither me.

  6. The DUP make the Westboro Church seem like a bunch of bean munching free love hippies. Their supporters are the worst kind of Moron imaginable, Creationists who paraded outside Secondary Schools with banners saying, No Sodomy Here, with a “gay couple” stick men in a doggie position with a circle round about it with a line through it, whilst the late Rev Ian Paisley, shouted no sodomy and no surrender through a loudhailer at the top of his fucking voice. Imagine rural West Virginia with an Irish Accent.

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