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There aren’t too many gay-themed sports movies with the exception of 2016’s queer-themed soccer movie The Pass and the 2000’s sweet romantic comedy The Broken Hearts Club.

Now, Mario, a new movie from Switzerland about footballers falling for each other beyond the locker room had its premiere at BFI Flare London LGBTQ Film Festival this week and will premiere in North America at Miami’s Outshine Film Festival on April 21.

A love affair between two players on a pro soccer team ignites when the team’s new striker Leon shares a rivalry and a flat with the the titular Mario, who’s in denial about how his passion for the new guy.  Despite Mario’s inability to admit his queerness, the pair engages in a relationship that threatens to crush their careers and throw the entire team off balance if exposed. Will Mario choose love over his career?

Personally I’m pretty excited about the fact that parts of the film where shot in the stadium of my beloved FC St. Pauli, a firmly queer-friendly club <3

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  1. One thing about European Soccer — it has a high ratio of one team member pointedly grabbing the crotch and/or pulling down the shorts of a competitor’s team mate. What’s not to like? At least they’re not wearing a couple layers of “armor” including around the head so you can’t even see who they are.

  2. This looks like a very interesting movie, but not in a theater — for me, a better understanding of it would be to watch the DVD because I would need to repeat some aspects of it to better understand it primarily because of the Swiss (sounds like German) language (for me, anyway).

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