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  1. While that was an interesting interpretation, I very much want to see what else he has up his sleeve.

  2. Finally! A damn-good instrumentalist in a talent show. And very-fine looking as well. If you want to see more, at that YouTube site is another by him when he was at least a couple of years younger and massively cuter as well. And for good reason — he has probably one of the best looking set of parents outside of E. Asia — they’re amazingly ‘cute’ as well [at their age then!] — so it’s easy to see where/how he gets his very good looks.

    More power to him.

  3. If you like some of these music videos (and maybe possess even slight technical skills), you can download these videos, then use VLC [or another app if you know how to do it] to convert the video into mp3s — then, if you prefer only the music, edit the beginnings and ends to leave just the music part. Then just copy them onto your iPod or other mp3 player — including your phones.

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