Make A Wish

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  1. Bleaching is unnatural and a sin. A hotline won’t do it, I hope the guy founds a clinic where he can convert these young men back to the natural way God WDNE created them. To show my support, I am sending them 1 Pater, 2 Ave Marias, 3 Blowjobs.

  2. Thanx for the comedy. Maybe in this guy here’s brain do blondes get a preference. The beautiful sexy cocky blondes have no fun in this’s sexual imagining. oh. Never have sex nor get sex with / from / off one of them. gee. Fantasy fave but not for real. gee. Only now realize that. Of the movies / tv sexual allures, no blondes NO. Some faves are blond but there are only a few. There is that big bulge sweeet blond offhigh school wrestling. There is that other high school wrestling blonde. The PARADISE ISLAND blond guy. the GREATEST AMERICAN HERO tv show guy. wow. never give such a thinking through. F.

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