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  1. Very good looking skater. Élégance, skill, excellence. Loved it! Thank you for this good moment in my day.

  2. All I get is a notice that this video is not available in my country, which is fine with me since I’m totally burned out on Asian ice skaters. Enuff already. Give us more high school wrestlers, swimmers, and ballet dancers.

  3. Yeah, I have to confirm: can’t see it here in USA … “content is from Sony… blah, blah, blah.”

  4. First thought was: ‘what’s this tat’ ?

    Second thought was: ‘this really highlights everything he is able to do’

    All the minor details, handactions and flourishes so easily lost to a viewer in his fast paced performance.

    A nice video.

    The expression he holds at the very end is wonderful. Gay boy trying to look fierce. LOL! It’s wonderful. Cute and so very Japanese.

    They’re a people I love.

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